"At the forefront of Colorado’s potential new psychedelic industry" - Colorado Public Radio

Ashley Troxell

Recent Media Appearances and Interviews

Ashley Troxell Spreads Facts and Awareness About Natural Medicine on The Ingraham Angle

Ashley Troxell and Luke Niforatos, Executive Vice President at Smart Approaches to Marijuana, discuss how psychedelic mushrooms could provide benefit as a natural medicine to many mental and physical ailments. Ashley highlighted her personal story of transformation and evidence that psilocybin mushrooms are “safer than alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis.” She asserted that Americans should have the opportunity and freedom to heal using natural medicine.

Navigating Psychedelic Policy: Ashley Troxell Discusses Corporate Influence and Empowers Community Healing

In her appearance on The Devil's Advocate, airing on Colorado PBS, psychedelic educator Ashley Troxell provided insightful commentary on the influence of corporate interests on Colorado's psychedelic legislation. Troxell raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and undue influence from pharmaceutical companies on the state's newly enacted psilocybin laws. She highlighted valuable free community healing resources, such as the Psychedelic Club of Denver, The HeartQuarters, and the Denver Mushroom Cooperative. Troxell also discussed successful grassroots efforts like the "There is So Mushroom for All of Us" event promoting equitable access to natural medicine. 

Psychedelic Educator, Ashley Troxell discusses the influence of corporate funding on Colorado's psychedelic policy and explains why community support services are better for Coloradans than big pharma. 

Psychedelic Educator Ashley Troxell Brings Microdosing To The Mainstream

On the Dr. Phil episode "Moms on Mushrooms," Ashley shared her journey and vision for reclaiming health through natural medicines. She artfully navigated the controversial subject, showcasing strong communication skills as she addressed ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding psychedelics. Despite intense scrutiny, Ashley remained poised and authentic, overcoming challenges to illuminate the transformative potential of microdosing. Her TV appearance raised personal brand awareness, drew new audiences to her platforms, and positioned Ashley as a leading voice for natural medicine advocacy.

Dr. Phil discusses a growing controversial trend among moms: microdosing psychedelics to achieve relaxation. Ashley, a former teacher who is now a psychedelic coach, supports microdosing and what she say are its healing effects. 

Ashley Troxell Delivers Inspiring Remarks at Denver Public School Board Debate

Community leader Ashley Troxell delivered inspiring remarks at the Denver Public School Board Debate, hosted by Regis University. Troxell, who volunteers with the Highland United Neighbors Inc. and served on the planning committee to help organize the event, rallied attendees with her inspiring get out the vote message: "Our communities are stronger than any political party or special interest group, and they need your voice, so get involved and don't forget to vote!" The event highlighted her versatility as a voice for the people across vital issues.

Ashley delivers inspiring remarks at the Denver Public School Board Debate at Regis University for the audience and local press.

Pioneering Psychedelic Guide's Work Threatened by New Colorado Law

Ashley Ryan Troxell "is at the forefront of Colorado's potential new psychedelic industry." The former teacher has guided dozens through psychedelic experiences, incorporating practices similar to the regulated access model expected to arrive in 2025. However, Ashley's work as an unlicensed guide is now threatened by a new state law restricting advertising for community-based natural medicine services. While lawmakers aim to clear a path for the regulated model approved by voters, Ashley fears new regulations could jeopardize the personalized healing she pioneered in Denver's renovated psychedelic landscape.

Psychedelic Coach Shares Microdosing Journey on 9 NEWS

Former teacher Ashley Ryan Troxell provided compelling insight into the benefits of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms in a Colorado 9 NEWS feature. Ashley shared her personal journey of using small doses of psilocybin to manage anxiety and depression, stating "psilocybin has given me my life back." She walked viewers through the subtle effects of microdosing, describing increased calm, creativity, presence, and open-heartedness. Her candid testimony illustrated how the decriminalization of psilocybin in Colorado has empowered many to explore its therapeutic potential openly. 

Psychedelic Intimacy: Communication, Consent, and Contact

Psychedelic Educator, Ashley Troxell hosts a workshop covering best-practices for touch when you're on psychedelics with friends and lovers. What are the best-practices for physical contact on psychedelic journeys with friends and lovers? Why explore consent and pleasure? How do we communicate our desires while learning and respecting other people’s boundaries? Join Ashley for engaging discussions and activities to examine living in consent with ourselves and others, physical contact as a healing modality, and boundaries between friends and lovers in altered states.

Ashley explains best-practices for touch when you're on psychedelics with friends and lovers.

How to Microdose: My Top 5 Tips

On her YouTube channel @AshleyEducates, Ashley shares her top tips and advice for microdosing psilocybin mushrooms. She explains what microdosing is, how it works, and what to do and avoid before and during microdosing. She also reminds viewers to consult with their doctor before microdosing and to be mindful of their intentions and expectations. Ashley's channel explores mushrooms and other topics related to psychedelics, spirituality, love, and personal growth.

Ashley shares her experience and tips on how to microdose psilocybin mushrooms for better brain power, mood, and well-being. 

Let's Talk About Sex in Altered States 

In Ashley Troxell's interview with Dr. Nancy Moonstarr on A Man’s Guide To Intimacy IV: Let's Talk About Sex, Ashley and Nancy talk about sex in altered states. What are the characteristics of an altered state? Why are altered states beneficial? How does one achieve an altered state? Their insightful discussion covers the transformative power of naturally achieved altered states, as well as the plant medicines cannabis, and magic mushrooms.

Ashley's interview with Dr. Nancy Moonstarr on the A Man’s Guide To Intimacy IV: Let's Talk About Sex! The Holy Grail of Intimacy Virtual Series. 

Ashley Ryan Troxell Discusses Keys to Healthy Relationships

Ashley Ryan Troxell provided refreshing insights into cultivating profound romantic connections in The Dating Documentary (2022). Ashley's segments explores the role of sexuality, vulnerability, and self-love in building lasting, healthy relationships. With candor and warmth, she discusses societal narratives around dating, advocating for authentic relating. Ashley's advice is a unique blend of modern philosophy and time-honored practices - advocating for conscious communication, boundary-setting, and self-discovery.